Bienvenue and welcome to Dupont Humanite (duponthumanite) wrote,
Bienvenue and welcome to Dupont Humanite

Running sheet for Key Concepts and Development: prelim and first draft, with pics and sounds!

1. Opening slide
Key concepts and developments - hello - introduction - personal statement
2. The developmental hegemony
3. Reaction/response: bridging efforts
4. The geopolitical alternative/challenge
5. What is our challenge? when, where, why, how?
6. Both models have something to offer (see 2 and 4)
7. Both models have opportunity benefits and costs
8. Both have contributed to the world: individually, inter/intra personally (transactionally), locally, regionally, globally
9. For us to work effectively and efficiently in both models: necessary and sufficient conditions
10. We need accurate, relevant and comphrehensive.
NO one source or model has ALL we need. A valuable life lesson!
11. So we must do all in our power (trust ourselves - Dr Spock
trust each other - Nussbaum capability theory.
12. To promote, initiate, maintain and terminate: a continuum of options and necessary and sufficent conditions.
13. People, circumstances, theories/models, praxis ...
15. We may truly say: "the only constant is change".
16. Change may - known or unknown to the change agents/actions - bring uncertainity (more properly, degrees of certainty and nuances thereof!)
17. What do we know? Where did we come from - where are we going? We must be receptive to queries and concerns.
18. When two models clash, there are always instances of productive uncertainity with all its inherent anxiety.
19. - BUT massive and permanent changes that
20. Pay off in Mastery of Competence (or at least Competence)
21. What do we mean by competence? * ability * skill. It can be developed and can be localised or globalised (or tranactionalised or regionalised!)
22. So to bridge change and uncertainity we need to ASSUME COMPETENCE.
23. Everything WILL be fine! - at least we won't die tomorrow.
24. One second is temporary. Two seconds is permanent.
25. More specifically if the interaction (viz. change) which stays with us in memory and imagination.
26. We reveal ourselves most when we deal with difference. Ideally we must have difficulty and challenge to function well. We must be out of our comfort zone!
27. How do we think? Feel? Act? NOW?
28. In terms of our model: a developmentalist may feel vertigo in space, while her geopolitical colleague may lose time.
(lose in time?)
29. Response to change uncertainity and challenge within and outside our working model.
30. Working models are a metarepresentation of our strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.
31. They are not perfect. They are (nearly) always a rough draft.
32. which affects our processes and goals in meeting our own expectations and measurement against ideal and reality.
33. "A house divided" Strive for tolerance excellence balance and harmony.
34. How do we achieve this? Why bother?
(picture of frazzled person, map and clock)
35. My tendency to get into the wrong place at the wrong time, as a child and young teenager could have been a life-threatening weakness.
36. However as I have grown through my experiences (up and down are developmental literalisms masked as geopolitical figuratives and metaphors. To an extreme geopolitican this extreme developmental metaphor is extremely legless and not worthy of the name in any shape way or form.
37. I soon learnt I had a knack for meeting the right people in almost any and every situation. Thus a great strength can be a lifetime opportunity.
38. Bridging efforts are most relevant when and where they bring strengths to the table!
39. Bridging systems produce uncertainity and risk when they deal with strenght weakness opportunity and threat.
40. We need to orientate in place and time. No escape. No excuses. Pure and simple reality.
41. We can attune with others.
42. Together we can build relationships.
43. Whose consequences will stay with us for life.
44. (Well, for a crucial period or a transitional one).
45. Dealing with - or healing from transition?
46. Transition brings shock trauma grief.
47. Transition is a special kind of change.
48 Very often its benefits and costs are one-time only.
49. This does not apply to opportunities and threats.
50. No matter what. We are the person we have learnt to be. We shape ourselves to be this person. (Our behaviour, thinking, cognition, affective feelings, our stuff we've accumulated is not us - well, not the essential us, I feel. We are what we decide to be fundamentally, conscious or no!)
51. Transition is an excellent way to gain clarity and re-evaluate ourselves.
52. One such transition for me ...
53. Transition is NOT one big thing. It is several little things.
54. "Take care of the pennies ..." One time they didn't but mostly they will.
55. Learning and applying: political social and historical enquiry.
56. Models of leadership and management: from the inspirational to the shambolic.
57. I am an excellent capacity builder. I identify, recognise, strategise and encourage for, with and to the best.
58. "When your good is good enough". Peter Wheatley my athletic mentor.
59. Sometimes we have to abandon good in favour of good enough. (What about when we choose? Any choice in the matter?)
60. What leads to tolerance and acceptance down the road will almost lead to betrayal. We must be constantly vigilant of possibilities and realities in this regard and other emotionally/morally 'dreadful places' and with potentially/actually 'dreadful people'.
61. It was designed - or evolved - that way. Don't blame the Man (not if we can't help it! - or he/she for that matter! What we can't help, he/she/it can't - if you're a secular humanist or have that core belief system).
62. Change the system and/or work with it? Find attitudes, values, a belief system, for heaven's sake, if you haven't one or are only starting to develop one but you haven't any confidence or skill in grasping the concept.
63. Our model operates for and with the long haul - toujours la pratique - STRAIGHT FROM THE HIP rough trans - NO QUICK FIXES!
64. Further quick fixes have greater-than-anticipated opportunity costs.
65. I'd really appreciate it if you read the signifier/sign here and regarded it from the POV signified: DO NOT BE TEMPTED. To be ruder and cruder but still (dys?)euphemistic: DECENCY FORBIDS QUICK FIXES, or THIS IS A QUICK FIX FREE ZONE. Strive for it in all your dealings and then you will encounter real life healings!
66. Five LJ rules.
67. Find excellence in spreading and disseminating (ideas? messages? memes? germinating? generativity?)
68. Stay aware - stay proud! (How does one get aware - get proud - get a life? Are the two a necessary sufficient condition for #3?)
69. Amigos par Siempre. We can teach the world to sign in harmony...
70. And/while embracing benevolence, controllability, meaning ... the world almost always has something to teach us.
71. Identify learning blocks fearlessly and courageously in yourself - others - the system - the world - those for whom you are responsible and those who are and were responsible for you.
72. Work with them not for them or against them. (Especially not this last!).
73. Take-away message/homework post-presentation. Goodbye. I'll be back.
au revoir! a bientot a tout mes amis et mes petites et le Systeme D.
(Goodbye, friends, children and the Establishment; in plain Anglo-Saxon or coherent conclusion to oral presentation talk - maximal capacity in politisse/finesse - strike right balance of harmony, formality and grace!)
QUESTION, ANSWER AND DISCUSSION - point out interesting, famous or questing audience members and do vox pop/street talk.
(This last could be fun fun fun in the Oslo sun!)

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