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Preparation for GAT and June and October tests

"Tant que je puis".

Funnily enough, most of the school that we are proud of ...

rather that I was proud of attending from 1996 to 2001 ...

that I had given very significant service to both academically, socially and co-curricularly ...

from the first week when I got roped into explaining why I was high on life ...

(oddly I'd have a persuasive article about this right up. And I never thought ten years go this year I would have had a ministry. Thank you Hillside Youth and Ian Purse for having always been so reality based and yet saving us through and by love, to quote Amy Grant, Contemporary Christian Singer.)

One thing you can do to prepare yourself for adult life is practice writing to a time limit.

There really are so many things you can write to at least three hours.

I am sure you can all produce at least two text responses.

I wonder Cate, Helen and Lynnette are so tolerant.

Of course Lyn being the learning and teaching manager ... if you lot don't start doing the teachers credit, heads are going to roll.

It's better to take the punches and roll with them now than regret it when it comes to VTAC. This is in little more than 14 weeks from now or as early as 6. You should try and get in the very first week. Decide one's preferences in the summer, put in the work this semester, show what you can do with the GAT.

There are lots of naturally occuring situations for point of view and more especially for analysis.

This very blog has a lot of them.

A lot about finding ideas for writing is looking for a sentence you like.

Two things we miss about VISE/VAC/HSC/TOP/T12/VATE qualifications.

Actively examine yourself, your life, your friends, your classmates.

Remember a wise old Athenian said: The unexamined life is not worth living.

Can you identify the man without looking at a reference?

An Internet reference?

Do you still preference print?

Do you use materials comicontant to your learning ability (your best guess/estimate)?

I believe in the Junior School Phys Ed and Sport Ed was full of things like goal setting. I have benefited handsomely. I'm not going to Germany yet but click under the folksomy for Churchill Fellowship.

Where do you see yourself in one years/three years/five years time/ten years time/twenty years time/fifty years time?

KS (not the Visegrad trustee co-guarante) but my German teacher made us keep a journal. Many of the ideas I learnt to express in there and the techniques and skills.

I do fear that we've had a lot of insecurity (expressed as crimes against learning, crimes against teachers, crimes against peers, crimes against younger students. I hope you were responsible. It has always disappointed me when members of the top form - at least above 2.0 did not behave like it).

Learn psychology, philosophy, sociology, anthropology, media studies, communication studies.

Read the newspaper and literary anthologies and magazines of record.

Maurani is one of those. You know who makes it who you are?

The only M I didn't see myself in was 1999. Yet it was so powerful.

I remember when Michael Gawenda came to our place, under the auspices of his daughter.

He would be one powerful ally.

Another one was Peter Pidduck. I'll show you what he's been able to do. Shame he had to leave.

I feel sorry for Mr Thompson. I love the guy dearly and I always will. His was the one class I could do history without shame. And I can't believe my co-top-student and my very dear friends discussed Poland freely without shame and embarrassment. Thank you for giving me motivation and purpose in everything. Your memory is a beautiful one in a dark and vulnerable period and propelled me to success and thinking of others.

I would also like to thank Helen Van Der Nagel. Like another Helen four years later in the Professional Writing and Editing Department, she has always pushed us to achieve beyond her best. The woman is a mental and physical giant athlete. Another person who has inspired me is Peter Wheatley of Knox Little Athletics. No greater love has Van Der Nagel than for those who endure and strive. Even in her seemingly weaker students - physically, mentally and emotionally - she has produced an appetite for success and good work. She teaches the texts so wonderfully, and her methods might be seen as pandering to English Lite. I think she is more a Leavis person and she honours the traditions of reader-response which this implies. If you have never read Joseph Conrad, I think you will receive such an awakening and it will genuinely feel like a coming. When I was introduced to Amy Foster the movie, it made me really want to read Lord Jim and all the other Marlow stories. Look at Conrad especially for stylistic features and the way he forms and structures a narrative. I hope this serves you well in looking at Christopher's story as told in Curious Incident, which I am still not quite sure about, even now. It baffles me.

My Geography teachers would be so proud of me for doing the right thing. I speak naturally enough of Carolyn Dunkley, Colleen Guye (whose sister Fiona was a wonderful mentor, and wait until she sees me now, and Oonagh and Sinead will be direct beneficiaries, as will Berne, she had continually to redirect me) and especially Hilda Knight. From the time she had reached out to a lonely girl who despite it all had a sense of humour. She listened to me, she humoured me, she validated me in my academic life. I have developed skills and attitudes which will have carried me far. Five years after I studied my last outcome in the European Union - sadly enough during September 11. I was still writing recommendations in that dark day not quite five and a half years ago. I said those things and I so have stuck by them - and she will be so proud of me and I of her. I am very proud of Anita and Jody, who first I met at our Year 7 celebration. You girls have grown up so strong and fine and you continue to inspire me, as does Rosie, who must have grown up so fast.

I have only really had three Studio Arts teachers in my life. We all know I am not good at Art, at least at doing things which gain marks. We did no art theory during the junior years, and I did no art. I would like to thank Laverne Simmons and her daughter Sarah. You two are a profound influence on my development. I would never have thought, so soon after rough, tumbles and pratfalls.

You children have seen through September 11 and March 20 and March 12 2004 in Madrid. Last year you prepared for the London bombings. I was able to rise above it. We went to the St Kilda poetry fest and it was a spiritual feast after famine. This year I have read during Upwey.

Here is some mentoring and leadership work. (set these vulnerable young women a good example, unlike me! Tell them you come from over the hills and not nearly so far away as these girls may think). (splendid and sterling work - you can do as well or better. Catholic Schools are not as threatening as independents).
And he is absolutely right - I remember when I was guided through a poetry reading by this Shakespearean Lake Poet of the third millenium during the end of the last. Megan Follows though inspiring could never hold a candle. And the tenacious D and his friends are there, though cleverely and discreetly disguised. (more general stuff, might really interest and inspire you. Show everything to someone you trust).
(Read parts 1 and 2 language analysis and point of view. I will put up my contemporary notes as part of the portfolio to show Visegrad Trust what I have been up to - ie not no good - do not try using a double negative in the GAT or the exam  - particularly as one of our missions is to tutor people to actively communicate, socialise and imagination).
(And I would check the English Literature and English Language Papers).
This teacher is splendid. If you have ever wanted to be one, you will be inspired.
I don't know if you should examine it per se
Get Watson, Van Der Nagel and Doyle at least to leverage the power of the blog, the wiki and other social software. We have always been behind the eight ball and I am virtually self-taught. If it wasn't for Susan I wouldn't have learnt anything useful at all, particularly 1998-200. Besides, this is how I met Luke Henderson and crew. Very hard-working motivated people. May you all succeed in your chosen careers and developmental trajectories, building bridges.
Clarence Fisher, always an interesting and relevant blogger at any time
He is indeed a reflective teacher. He writes and speaks as if he'd been doing it all his life, yet 2005-06 is his debut.
This woman has been leveraging all my work. She continues to be a lotus in the mud and has been for the last six months. Shame I've lost my blogging address.
And I meant it this time. I would have added since .... but it seems flippant. Stay wise, be safe, practice constant vigilance. This is a high standard of reading and writing.
Excellent stuff. I wish some people twice their age would produce HALF as consistently. I appreciate that blogs did not exist until most of you who are now here at this point (terminale)
The committee are committed and the articles are of a uniformly high standard. I now pass the torch on to someone who can act and observe in the breach when it comes to books and stories.
General Kaiden's fanfiction, especially Harry Potter. One tells about the things we experienced contempariously. I did wonder with interest and read The Orb of Ultimate Power
The same writer, in FictionPress. He has a wonderful portfolio. I am glad in hindsight that I never stopped listening - and I'm just glad he never shut up. Like him or hate him, do not ignore him. Actually, do or do not. After fifteen years of standing by, understanding and bystanding ... oh God I have no words.
Let us lobby and thank god for Eurotrance just after Eurovision. Let us return to the alpha and hope to hurry the omega, with the Athenian tradition of free speech and democracy lessening the distance between us. I can't believe we are still so young and yet such achievers. I'm proud too. I would love to call him brother and his recent wife my sister-by-marriage-and-covenant-geopolitique. That was a developmental baptism of fire for them both. You can see differences in temperament. He is cool and mellow.
Sharon Grey wrote a wonderfully philosophical piece. I never dreamed quite so much about the personal being the (geo)political until I saw this woman's challenge to developmental hegemony. Early in 2001 Doyle used her to indicate personal writing.
If you want to have your mind blown. Personally I do prefer my highs from other channels.
I too can lucid dream! At least this is better than intrusive thoughts, flashbacks and (the cost of hyper/hypo/'white noise' [focusing on irrelevancies]/test pattern [just as it suggests)vigilance
Channel 31 Melbourne: a splendid example of independent TV.
We have such good creatives on our side from all sides. We should so bid for a licence
I hope they showed the Hungarofest - of more in a moment. James Lyne, Kate Bolton ... creme de la creme ... got some great fun out of me. More on the parody shortly, after Voice, my first effort in this time. I handed it to Mrs Doyle on Open Day.Northern Access TV. Enough said. McLauchlan, Downey and the others do a splendid sterling job.
I performed on this during Shelton's death and wake. Lea was one of the Darrell Lea's adopted sons, and had a very interesting life which I'll divulge in my Writing Folio.
Sterling work
A precious woman while debilitated in 2003 still survives - at least enough to learn about computers!
They must have done a lot of work. I can personally and professionally recommend JPG Media without hesitation.
My Dad is no longer a journalist but my Uncle (the little one) goes from strength to strength
He no longer works for Fairfax
He is the bard of my childhood and a true inspiration to students everywhere at all levels of theatre and stagecraft
Eve is a legend too. Her imaginary friend has inspired so many student artists to become professional in their approach to their folios.
These people made my childhood and adolescence worth living. I'm a late convert in early adulthood!
This blog speaks for and of itself!
If you want to research some aspect of familial or communual past this link explains how and why bother. It can be so rewarding, even though my mother doesn't think so. I am sure I shall convert her.
You people are awesome. Imagine: 10 years of the web
The man who started it all in (ca) 1989-1992
Clear back in November we discussed Curious Incident - processed four years after the event. Well, months. Depression does strange things to the waistline, not to mention you can no longer bend your knees and your brain is swimming in deep water.
If you sincerely and love inspirational music with a poetic feature, then this lady's website is superlative and awesome. And she was on ROVE.
Most Aussies and enlightened honest internationalists, pace Powderfinger, mean McManus. The maniac has given lots of students inspiration and work experience
I would so love to be in my hero's sport. He is a sportsman and will, to me, be forever remembered.
The making of me as a woman. I am Geopolitical Woman, hear me roar.
This is the woman who made Generation X's phooar!
Celebrity death march: Sharon vs the Shepherdess
Try defending this arrangement. He has 50 in Business Management - first class honours anywhere - and yet when it comes to the crunch he has betrayed me. Well, misunderstanding never killed a woman, or even made her acutely/chronically sick. We'll prove them wrong at Mitcham!
This is a reality-based VCE/HSC community for all students and all stripes.
See you at the realistic community for real life work experience, payoffs and working on behalf of the vulnerable, the desensitised, the sensitives (in the schizoid/schizotypal sense, so close and yet so far from Wing's loners)
This woman admits 25 years later that two Wings don't make a Wong, nor a Song. Still she is credited for this feat of psycharacheology.
This woman has a brain and she knows where we keep ours and theories thereof.
Do you have the cheap one? Watch it in the holidays and then you will understand me. You may condemn me, but at least you will have grounds.
Go for it kids. Go at them. Answer their surveys. The next step up from Memes. And Sydney vs Melbourne is valid, reliable and verifable cross culturalism
And lots lots more over the coming weeks.

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