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Bienvenue and welcome to Dupont Humanite

Tommy would be so proud of me: Embracing my other business interests!

The T I am referring to is Tom Payten.

Dear boy; he showed a wonderful thing to us.

I love it when introverts show their extroverted side.

He made a presentation slide using Shockwave about FUCK and SHIT.

I love the reversal of roles and expectations.

Even when I'm scared to do it myself I find such self-confidence sexy. And it's like you're a spicy salsa with bits in it. Kids should SO experience this food. We learn SO much from taste. I can't believe my gustatory instincts are coming. I've had naught but milk and honey.

This is so Joseph and the Technicolour Dreamcoat meets The Lion King (1993 movie, and 1995 soundtrack. Oh, Jessie Ludekens - Ludekens family en masses - Daniel was another problematic gentleman who inspired my problem solving skills, particularly in creating a landscape through ICT concepts and practices. No, I've never been afraid. My very favourite authors as a girl really made girls who made loving computers sexy, and yet they didn't get afraid. I have never been afraid of computers, and yet over the past six years ... I sort of have been ... I have been acting as if my Internet is limited and there's no cost. I'll pay for it some day but I will own it here and now and not borrow trouble here).

And then I got scared. What if I can't do Visegrad and make the website all it should and could be? I want people to see our shop window. I can think if Sue Ryder or Anita Roddick did this they would so be thinking high street and their website would have the same focus and target audience. Yes, I'm so embracing my businesswoman.

In 1995 I had principles, boundaries and the courage to experience them and convey them to the reader so maybe she might be thinking she could pick and choose as a reliable and valid source. I must be asking a terrible lot of you guys. But I have always been accustomed to asking and then getting. But I think there is a disconnect. I don't get want. I get needs, and I get Maslow's Heirarchy.

I am not making so many social gaffes, because I am so focused and I have my boundaries way in place. I'm well defended but probably not nearly as unhealthily so. I know enmeshment now. It's like the child has died inside the mother and could not possibly be nourished enough. I will so ask Pani L and then go to Pani B and her boy and girl (they gave her a name day scarf and Pani Ania - Bozena's sister - was having this incredible journey, and she told me lots about what The Palace of Culture and Science - which I wrote a poem about, arguing about the library as the Palace of Culture. I don't know about the science part, but I am so going to use it as leverage and a bargaining chip. Oh, dear, I love the token economy and the social exchange of food. If I ever end up using ABA there is not going to be not enough. Oh, the children will know that the universe and especially those who love and trust will get abundance.

This has not been my truth for a number of years now.

Shit, I'm even more institionalised and disempowered than I thought.

And I also have more capacity for healing and growing and changing.

I am much better at holding two ideas in my head for longer.

I can so parallel play now.

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