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Fraud and deception: a four dimensional ethical and philosophical and pragmatic thought

Mon Dieu.

I read that fraud is a deception made generally for personal gain.

Here's a direct bearing on my position as Co-guarnatee of a literary trust which aims to help the Polish-Australian, immigrant, indigenous and currency lads and lasses cope with each other with balance and harmony and maturity in our Global Village.

Crucial and central relevant question for which I appreciate feedback and whatever guidance you all can offer me from your experiences and core beliefs and values, as well as relevant susbidary ones
Has a civil/public servant ever the right to make a deception to protect somebody she loves, in order to avoid the greater evil of betrayal?

I think fraud is the embellishment or concealment of truth whereas betrayal aims to keep the person deliberately ignorant of the truth. Hoax, particularly in my own professional literary life can reveal or heighten truth and its relations to ethical loci of control and explicate power.

Therefore I stand by my conviction and have courage that fraud is actually less morally wrong than betrayal, and my primary ethical consideration leads to minimisation of harm and zero tolerance of malfeasance. If zero tolerance desires a net personal and professional gain and uses a flexible attitude to truth, we will then have an ethical and pragmatic moderate attitude to form.

With me truth is a middle order value. My top level values include tolerance, diplomacy, tact, sensivity, intelligence - logical and emotional, contemplation. I think truth comes into my top ten. It is a necessary but not sufficient condition for trust and nurture. A child still wants to love his mother and will make up lies to facillitate this, and a little later in his life he will go on with his friends and people he wants to please. The disease to please can be replaced by a capability approach over time with a gratitude attitude not a weaselly platitudial existence but an essence of being in which we can all live in truth whatever it may be. Truth to me is love patient and kind. It is one of the greatest ways of initiating and maintaining intimate boundaries of self-disclosure.

There that (re/rev?)solution is very Aristolean.
Tags: betrayal trauma, case study, deception, fraud, hoxaes, literature, pedagogia

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