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Our trust is an awesome trust - based freely from the Hillsong tune. Original lyrics by me.

Our trust
is called the Visegrad trust
You and I must to ourselves and each other admit
(before we get into deep shit)
it's an awesome responsibility
balancing privilege and abundance
distributing to all fairly
whether the mixing bowl
or the dole.

Embracing all members
of the Polish community
isn't always easy!
Helping Australians equally
embrace and harness
unity in diversity
can often end up wheezy!
But we will always know why
bother and encourage others to try
Always wishing
safe passage
and harmony.
Polite in
our homes
acting courteously
and honourably.

Giving a hundred
percent welcome
for our captains
in industry
and mentors
we hope to show
Once safe
and secure
in our wide brown
We will try
always your concerns
to first understand
Then we will
help you

The medium
the message
Moonchild Press
Readership middle years
to middle age
helping every age and stage
Life's circle reveals
eternal reveilles
Learning English and Polish
no such thing as early or late
We will always
start you with
a blank
if not clean slate.
Bilingualism helps us all
to stand tall
learn even better
to understand we tolerate -
we understand this is hard
even for the bard
a writer needs a wife
or at least support for life!
Partnership - colloborations
for close on fifteen years
We try honestly
though humbly
literary and artistic ideals
legacy of post communist Poland
democratic Australia
While in euphonium this
important part
in which we trust!
We challenge
Bring together
Polish ideals
with sensivity adapt
that is our best guess
this is hard - we must confess
We could not do it
if we didn't help each other
like literary sister and librarian brother
Socretean practice and theory
of self-examination searing
Never trusting
what at first might be appearing
We focus on what small thing
might to us be endearing!
While we realise lasting repute
does - never did - not lie on being cute
but with complete honesty
reaffirm our commitment
slouch towards integrity
Unlike your multinational Starbucks and Walmart
We share with you
(y)our best interests at heart
to Australian reality
finding our mutual way
to the recipriocal start
it's the only way
It's up to you
we never make you stay
once you're safe
we know ourselves
you can't always look back
We respect values
stretch back from long history
now - you - in the easy chair! - do stop snoring
Polish history is far from boring
Learning may pay you back double, triple, quadruple with interest
even if getting dates and people right
is initially a mess!
We do try to keep the legacy of 1995
the international year of tolerance
the letter and the spirit
with us still alive.
Since we touched that internal (infernal!) flame
we learnt - that when we burnt - we hurt the same!
Preaching our message
prompting and scaffolding
kindly maximum capacity
challenging patriarchy
not forgetting the pain of hegemony
the pain of no change is worse
even when change might seem a curse
It is the salad's dressing
when it tastes good and adds a tang
ultimately a great good blessing!
Always remember
when tracking trends economic
and embracing inner animal political
Stretching our resources -
making bold and brave choices -
with us always remember
from January right up to December -
Never forget
we'll try not to regret
Let's put our history
our future
to this most vital test.

Effort achievement commitment
investing until
our good
becomes good enough
Remember here in Australia
we have a knockabout kickarse attitude to failure!
There is always more
completely we understand if your tummy had starved in Warsaw!
And when that you find in Melbourne when your body is distended
we commiserate when you learn it can't do the things for which it is designed and intended!
Just raise your voice
and make the effort to ask
Questions out loud
achieving truth in statements
committing forward pushing
This is a matter of course
to be pursued
through the life course
We will always
push debate forward
and through rational discussion
with healthy disruption
and natural interruption!
our ideas develop
in the style
service with a smile!
of our own pilgrim's progress
we've found it's human development
so if you commit one hundred and ten percent
remember Horton the Seuss elephant
Continuing to leverage
(get your intriguing eyes off my cleavage!)
Look first behind my mask
try to realise
we eat first with our face
fingers knife or fork
our own style is ours
never shame or disgrace!
You are seldom if ever pressured
Quite the contrary -
(remembering mother Mary)
your contribution
our execution
will by us valued
by your friends and families treasured
We all want to make a difference
we understand the undertow of feeling insignificant
of sometimes feeling so small
we can't walk or talk yet, if at all
Receptive we try to be
respectful to all believers
so many sincere creeds!
An embarrassment of riches
let's try not to be jealous of their fancy britches!
Proactive we have been
continue we hope to be
in matters of life
the pursuit of love
its uniquely perfect happiness
the lack of which
will inevitably depress
but this does not have to be!
Just be yourself
show your foot
that walks best!
I hope you do find the hand
which signs the paper
and tries to mutually understand.
As long as you hope
and both want it to be
and gain it freely and morally!
Support of honest intention
proactive in intervention
strategies cutting edge in prevention!
When we deal with ordinary
- yes - even happiness is imperfect
and always we remember -
barring an extremely stressful temper -
People are in themselves great ends
be careful to judiciously measure the means
whether financially in kind
keeping Mother Teresa
and Mandela
how could we forget hero-electrician Walesa
who in the martial law protest
Poland first attracted the heart and mind of the middle class West
It really isn't not so long ago
in the long perspective
perhaps I draw too long a bow
returning our weary minds to the
enlightened simplicity
of the white rose of Athenian democracy
fighting for which has bled together a willing coalition's blood
too often though peaceful intention and intervention
is trampled thoughtlessly by thug/jack boot
hopefully not by khaki hat and akubra the heat to suit!
So long as your own
deeply held values
and convictions
have high congruence
with what we are obliged
to upbold
You are free to practice philosophy absolutely relatively completely
with us the distinction - analytically or continetally
is neither here or there
- so long as you do it consistently!
Truly madly deeply
for whatever you most deeply hold together and want to trust
Do what you can, you really don't need the word should!
Not if you want to practice all in your nature and nurture
and protect and hold fast to all which is truthful, beautiful and good!
And while we're going through that negative gear
kindly remember we do what we do in the now and aren't fussy about the way we do it here!
Don't live - as if - live not as if you could but as you truly must
and then you will please and delight and earn our trust!
Live always in truth
if it means talking in strine and strewth
so be it
though we do it far too often holding sheep's eyes and bones we confess!
slang often causes storm and stress
misunderstanding on both sides far too often makes learning English a soggy tissue of mess!
Not to mention this exclusively with your mind to mess - neither to cause distress but nor to impulsively reaffirm your obviously  to us - and burgeoning to you - heartening interest
in the work rest and play of our trust
Here a regularly ordered routine
we here never really considered obscure obsolete or obscene!
If us you want to serve but you're unsure in or for what capacity
do try to make an appointment with your friendly trustee
if you have a knotty question on behalf of your beneficiary
or your judicary/fiduciary needs we do have
two experienced and hardened nominees!
We have always tried to hold clear
our values in both heart and mind
And if a body ever hurt another body
we at least will never kiss and tell
we ourselves have learnt from early experience far too well!
And we know the consequences and when to blow the whistle
show the card and ring the siren which happens to ting ting
blowing in the wind with its sound like a gentle little bell!
We hold the historical ancedents
so that what we believe and learn makes some real sense
in our ever growing universe of imagination
our ever expanding multiverse of memory!
With absolute respect
for individual decision and institutionally run precision
here - you are still in fact free to call it as you see it!
especially if you feel your self vulnerable in the face of those who tend to be
or would like to befriend but are too isolated ever to be considered
complicit alike in maintaining defensive or paranoid
positions of ideology thus a rotten and falling hegemony
Losing grousing choosing winning living fast and loose
with tight as tight boundaries
Within tolerances within preferences
you are empowered to do
just whatever you please
creating your own neverending tale
with whatever you wish!
We try to emulate the ideals of the boy scout
If any of you ever cause trouble with a sex scandal
not only will you lose your card and your clout
your selfishness and abusiveness is the sort of attitude
we would be to do much better without!
If however it is with altruism's beats your heart has always in some way in accordance with inner and outer harmony without boundaries or jump hoops and check boxes to tick,
And you promise to try really hard not to be a dick
or if you are a man to crack too much of a stiffy when you first know your powerful prick!
Then we would not be remiss to recommend
a continuing personal and working relationship for which we will investigate for you more thoroughly whatever good - or evil - you might intend.
So long as it matches and despatches concentrated on the sacred side so many forget too often to tame and to tend!
We hope you are here for direction and one day someday find a critical mentor or a four-seasons-in-one day friend!
So long as you remember that you aren't here to get drunk and we may not always look as kindly if you seem to be a fairly aggressive punk
but with women and men of the calibre of Roger or Alecia or Demi Moore
Of their truth and celebrity - of directly achievable and reflective glory - like Dicken's twist and with Dickin's Northcote grandmother - in life and to cheat deaf, we will say Yes and ask for More
and try our best to settle when we need to do with so much less
and with our spirit and account to the letter the newspaper or magazine we shall try with our writing and speaking to impress!
Finding direction -
We accept the negative
Always try to back it up with our accentuation of the positive
this softens the blow
we have and do still have feelings ourselves you know
And though now to you we have seemed exalted
in living memory some of our obligations we have had defaulted
but now - much more often - we kiss and make up (and say sorry to those we fucked up/who fucked us over and over/until we cried red red rover/and poof!/they seemed to have heard never cry wolf!) over a kentucky martini with irish cream malted!
When we were alone but together little wild colts
who shared both signature strengths and life-threatening faults.
And as we both have grown up
perhaps no greater lesson than this -
in a recipriocal relationship one will always find things in the other
which remind of the smothering mother -
the solution, of course is to admit or quit - to put up or to shut up
Now that we are grown up - we hope - we forget how easy it can be say
and how when we were children we would scratch each other's faces
how we hurt each other in the pursuit of our selfish outbursts of truth
now we do look back and we think and wonder how could we both have been so crude rude and uncouth!
It is not so long ago we both were introduced to socialisation
with regard to 'dulce decorum' ... we both found damnation or at least humilation
As long as each understood where the latter was coming from we were all right
and on the importance of 'patri' we both found far too important to bicker or to more seriously than play fight
and we both had our diverging ideas of what we both found good and bad about civilisation
and flew like homing pigeons - migratory birds, anyway, - back to the founding values of our respective nation
We must remember that when we both and other people struggle
we none of us - not even the most sensitive and deviant for it - can forever be protected in a bubble.
We all know that has led often to trouble.
Now we have both grown up we share an unafraidness of complexity
and we will never let argument or rhetoric impugn our mutual dignity
Wishing both as much as the other for peace, intention, safety and security.
Ourselves repectful rarely failing to see the other side or point of view
and knowing that it is deeply held and for that valid, reliable and true
To respect privacy and confidentiality for similar aims but different rooted reasons
embedded and embodied through empowered and articulate intelligence
but initally a barrier to a world that if we were honest did not forgive and made so little sense
I wish I had known you when you were a small fellow
Perhaps then I might have worked and we might have been far more mellow
We do honour and respect each other when we say hello
May we meet again when we are each visiting Lodz or Warsaw and our - well yours - all right, ours - what's mine is yours and what's yours is mine? Right? Got that?
Poor boy - to negotiate separation was simple when you believed I'd turn on the light and I'd go and I'd stay gone
and when you did realise I would keep on coming back we built upon ourselves a gently intrusive bond
Which is the long way to saying
I try to use your history in weighing
And measuring
So I keep sharp and not dull in the appreciation and commiseration of what I am treasuring.
I became intimately aware
while you were not there
that while lots you did might appear to the outsider or objective
on the subjective it was obvious you were young, dislocated, disconnected and very very sad.
What a pity
we did not scaffold better your introduction to our fair city.
But I must admit we ourselves would fail such a stringent test.
We are humans after all who must do our best
I do appreciate now understanding Warsaw so much better
and I wish concerns and prejudices would not now too much fester
You have been struggling since before your conception
with the power and the magic spell known as perception!
I know it has been to you as a rotter,
and I wish I could make it go away like the scar of Harry Potter.
But I always do like to hear your own report
of how you are coping with your own personal Voldemort
If we cannot yet heal
with our resources and our hand that we are given in the cosmic deal
May I remind you that it is true that all humans must do their best
This is our universal law - our cosmic task - let's at least try - I do hate to see you cry - but when I take a bath - and I hear you laugh - I welcome the rapture - and try again to read or write together another chapter! - whether in Poland or in the West.
I love you with so much agape love - that suggests compassion
I did it long before tolerance became a superficial fashion
I did always know your problems were real
I did try to turn a blind Freddy, but I could not ignore still that you were so awkward at every meal.
I knew we could not deal yet with manner of the type with elbows on the table
Until you felt your matter stable and your method secure
I knew quite well with you the battle was treatment and not some miracle obscure.
Without some way of knowing whether you had survived and why you failed so far to thrive,
I did not any longer wish particularly to alive.
Far far too well we have known
How it feels to have the mask exposed, the cover blown
It's a risk, isn't it, to let the true us be known!
How much easier to start to open up and to reveal to a trusted few
How much harder to explain in a way that feels simple, natural and true!
Please remember next time the situation seems so long and almost irresoluble and you bang your head in the car window, for the moment absolutely inconsolable
How hard it is to try to open up to what has long deemed been intolerable
But we will try and try again until we win or at least obtain a fair go - and that is the moral
as gritty as a precious oyster pearl and as shiny as coral.
Don't worry. I will try to keep our friendship stable and secure
and in this my intentions this time are quite completely pure
Even while you must still have a tough time to mature
My brave boy - still in a special way my dear boy - we will see you yet a master of your dragons - but this time in control of your development!
When I hear that moment it will have made everything we've shared seem like it's heaven-sent!
I will try to help you through the process of the becoming
the person I know I see
the person that is really deep inside there
and is right now just a bit scared to be!
I have known you since you were a boy of seven
So very nearly from the cradle my picture your high chair must obscure - certainly from the age of reason to the time when our hormones made life obscene and impure! - may we continue through high table to high heaven!
And we must do more than tolerate
We must more actively and adaptively negotiate
What you what and whether and wherever and whenever
Yesterday, today and the continuance into the death of the illusion of invincible forever ...

Closely -
Distantly -
Essentially -

More alike than different
We love the spenders and we will too protect the spent
as we were once protected at that stage
by decent folk of both youth and age!
Let us ourselves always be innovative in trying new ways
to negotiate these everlasting problems with folkways!
We remember - and now we avoid - and now protect others - from those who would profit with malfeasance and betray the intent
And temporarily our star performances the anxiety betrays our make up and our melting faces reflect our upset.

Our trust is a wonderful trust
We hope it's a sound way of protecting whatever legacy
Please consider joining our family.
And you will grow to really see
You really do not wish to change a Pole just to have him fit in
We have tried too hard with round peg and square hole
Let us then forever learn the lesson of the sunny openness of a child eighteen months old!
Don't worry for dindins we will try our hardest to bump him in.
And if you please
we descend into the intricacies of motherese.
And then we will bump and bump a little more as we move on up!
But please never overload the signal or overload the transition from tolerated to mated!
Remembering Solidarnosc while we reminscience through Conrad's Marlow in our vessel called Endeavour
(That's for you - saw it cheap second hand - immediately my incochate thought - your very own enchanted storyland - ecriture feminine still if you should remember me!)
We know you too would love one day to prevail.
Don't worry I'll leave the marks - and the dog shit - well on the trail
And when from us and our sphere you may move
And to us you may one day prove
Yes - we will help you prove
Develop skills and not just get but stay in the grove.
Creating together an absorbing fantasy and turning it into consensus reality!
It's a miracle when our plans change from the idealistic to the materialistic and then to the rationalistic!
Applies to all - alike the neurotypical and the neurodivergent
(My dear boy - please don't mix whites and colours with that particular detergent!)
No - silly boy - I want to promote collegiality and commonality!
You know that's damn hard - I want to make you see what I see every day in every way
Breaching and teaching, once again, unity in diversity!
That is our object (and relational) constancy - one day it will be crystal clear what it is how much there is to see!
From there the next logical support is to support and arrange
How well we have known and your tested your adapativity to change
The detailed response to change is the crux of the transition!
And whether you barely cope - and I hope you still hope against hope!
We will support you in most every major life decision.
Without scission and always with the Swiss watch position
Now that you keep and have kept such a thoughtful blog
Do you have trouble still with the watch analogue?
It's really quite simple.
There is a freckle faced dimple
but let's get rid of this realia
and I want to immerse you in my vision of Fantasia
Whatever you look like whatever clothes you do wear
We impress you how to get there
When at last your family embarked on port
We shall afford you much warm support
and pretend the people who want sport want per se to play sport!
You remember we should support refugees, skilled and humanitarians
with unconditional positive regard
Let me say that in maths you and I are both pretty much the common garden variety re - tard!
That's okay - most people adore the common variety bard.
It works both ways!
Especially with writing poetry and dramaturging / purging plays!
But we will learn and with learning we will burn
The problem is not how we get it -
or even why bother or why worry -
we are still so young - now eat this gorgeous Flurry -
which I ordered in Maccers just for you
and is a sensory delight and treat that is beyond tip top true blue true!
One of us came here as a weeny little tike
And we can imagine his feelings as he first learnt the freedom of a bike
One stood always by him and made it clear that though his behaviour she didn't always like
She always worked hard and consistently over a dozen years
To work over her remaining prejudices to feel an additional emotional commotion to the ones she met with pearly beyond price like bubbly tea balls laughter and tears
She appeared as A A Milne's Dairy Queen
and floated through life it seemed with the unconcern of the bumblebee
She would not have considered it a normal thing
to ever use her sting
in anything but self-defence
and even there she sat on the fence.
She was a gentle worker bee
who - even then - condemned the pure social climber and the narcissistic wanna be.
They both were in a school magazine
published together
I bet they never
Thought how hard the ensuing months and years would be
Sometimes than for those who don't write regularly like Do You and Sue Me!
To balance as always risk with responsibility
They had then to do it so delicately
like a beautiful butterfly.
Matured they had become from when they first met as child prodigies
and she absolutely fascinated about his fabulous early life over clear blue seas.
These captains of industry
Separately - and together again - we soon shall find out the results of our bet!
Somebody somewhere will follow the trackless path of truth they have set
(but not quite yet!)
And none of us who knew them closely or at all will forget
That at any time either or both they could have acted in ways we could seriously and deeply regret
Two choices
One vote
One value
Building castles in the air
Staking claims foul and ultimately fair.
Though for a long time they had to part
And then they felt ambivalence over a possible new start
United once more - we hope - together they mostly stand
A professional partnership as long - as loyal - as committed as the wedding or engagement band
Their power incochate as we remember their baby shower
Separately they overcame
things which would drive most of the rest of us insane
and together then realised and struggles were so nearly eerily the same.
And when she at last she showed him how to care
To stand or fall as the hot chicks/chaps do
If he now does is probably not to us strangers here or there.
What matters to us: they chose bravely what was inclusively and instinctively fair.
Their shared mental Melways will uphold legal and natural and moral law
Which of course does apply everywhere civilised whether in London - Paris - Athens - Warsaw - Melbourne - Canberra
Without patronisation or pity
We do try to cover the needs of each city
We embrace the reflected and reflective philosophical traditional glory of Greece
And always we will continue to try to release every day new doves of peace.
We remember and bury the mockingbird
If killed we would not be true to our beginning and ending in the ministry of the Word
Which does not mean we shun our facing inevitable tug of war between Greek or Greek
which matters so much more than we both knew before we ever did speak - we both or either can speak!
We respect every animal or bird
Life and literature, an abundance of the preponderance and preposterousness of the absurd.
As long as people are tolerant, diplomatic and essentially kind
The word, spirit and flesh of the trust will minister salve to almost every heart and mind.
We stand or fall
on the strength of our own resillence
We know truthiness has a scratched face
(it's painted on by the actor!)
 With our healing honesty (even with or without or especially about you, the best policy)
It's oh so okay - and even healing! - to make a fool - or at least not take yourself too seriously.
I know we both sometimes misplace that book on the shelf or worry about our dirty nails.
What are these matters when we know both that tolerance and persistence will prevail
and be as clear as was the simple magic of the water when we played with a bucket and pail.
And though her living space is suited intimately to one so petite
She is seldom if ever organised
And if she admits
Ever the full extent of her 'executive function' deficits
Then many people who trusted her will with her get the shits!
But when it comes to preposition, and not least conjunction
Both in Polish and English we will fight for the humble[!] interjection!
And against undue expediency
As long as we count and own and acknowledge every opportunity:threat cost
The time for me to have the floor is now so very nearly up
It is time for us both to shut up
Now, dear, please please stop barking like a frightened pup!
Whenever I say that I don't always mean you
Please take this apology at face value!

See what appeal means the most to you
And do remember consciously
or unconsciously
risk entails responsibility
Remember the Bennets' couldn't get their house in order
They were really rather screwed
Until Darcy - now, tell me, is he a wet dream of Freud?
Is that what is making you so hard laugh
While I am in the shower and you are cleaning the bath?
Whether tolerance is observed through the Word or the breach
Whether we eventually end up out to lunch in a studio apartment on the beach.
We will try very hard to as little preach and so much more to model what we teach!
If you are a man or woman who needs a friendly letter,
We use caritas, agape, pragma
to run our karma over your dogma
does it seriously impede - we worry - the possiblity of your life getting better and better
That's all from me
Especially about your developmental trajectory
Please do let me know if I overstepped some invisible boundary
That people who love and hope never seem to see
unless it is bound on many poles on a string
go you crazy good wild thing!
This is the promise of our trust.
Now be a good boy and at least try this soupcon crust!

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ATTN Cluster B personality disorders: VISEGRAD CLASS ACTION AGAINST BPD/NPD/HPD teacher

I can't believe it.

For 12-15 years I've been the sane one.

It's just that from February 14 1994 (at least ca.) to December 18 1995

I was in the grip of a high-functioning acting-in charming


In loco parentis is so fucked.

Decent people realised that 97% of this was never my fault.

I only needed to accept responsibility for 7 weeks out of the 50. plus 37

No wonder why Maths classes were so divide and conquer.

If she'd been a good teacher she'd have found other first-response ways that are proven psycholoigcally constructive and tolerant

I need to find out how to sue or begin at least how to collect information.

This is pure classroom and workplace bullying.

She violated The United Nations on a big way.

She is going to have have hell to pay.

Pan Piotr Stanislaw: you know she treated your mother, brother and sister with the grossest insensivity (was Asia involved in her latter years? Then she was fucking kids up as late as 1998-2000!

This is a let down from a Solidarity heroine.

Your MUM did the excellent job. She knew how to work your brother.

Remember the Paul Strzlecki diaries? Now they're exhibit A. A+ work. I love finally giving credit where it's due. Do you still have it? Well done for a parent building capacity. You're exceptional. And it shows awareness and pride.

The way she treated executive dysfunction and the comicontant academic and social functioning.

Gay Russell. We need you. John Reid. Come back. All is forgiven.

We had a dreadful situation.

I know that part of the adults' behaviour was explained by chaos.

This woman adored drama and chaos.

From March to September I was deliberately and systematically undermined by this woman.

I now know I was defending a defence mechanism.

I hurt your brother so horribly.

Help me - how does one of your pets close it out? Did you/do you remember anything now that sounds strange.

I got A+s and results when I was treated in a situation.

I flourished when our musical opportunities were performance-oriented.

That's the one thing she gave me: to perform under pressure.

But Oh the Cost!

We should record her sins, our reactions ...

Maybe that's why she resigned from teaching.

If she's a good person.

No teenager should have to deal with this.

Since 1983 thousands of teenagers through the years, many in vulnerable growing years, have had to do this.

We must record their stories and experiences.

We must ask the hard questions.

This is so freeing.

When I learn about Cluster B personality disorders I never knew I had to defend it.

It was there in the power struggles.

I had a way of keeping me sane.

Your younger brother was really a 22 month old inside. For ten years. Classic Lacanian-Iriguayian situation.

Instead of reaching him on that level ... if we had done so what more could we not have achieved.

I'm not the scared little French girl running from the belt of Anglo-Commonwealth hegemony.

I am mature. I am adult. I can choose. I choose confrontation. Big time.

We both have greatly benefited from writers and performativity.

I wish we hadn't had to learn from a master in this sense.

We've had good music, art and drama teachers who have the best in us.

Your brother has spoken of Beryl. Beryl really put in the love that was incochant in him since his first teacher Pam Crew.

The wisdom and cognitive capacity and affective regularity, as well as the firm hand since, saved him from the worst effects.

At least I had someone who loved me and loved the other kids.

Madame: I hope you realise what a big risk. But you know how I did when I was put into situations.

The recorder was triggering and it had sexual connotations characteristic of a certain reactive myth.

It was doubly triggering that walk. It reminded me of Nuremberg trials. Think Cuckoos Nest, to get my last respects and medication. More true than that image know.
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At least it's better to be honestly rejected

The top Aspie of the THBB Stim Team (I hope they won't mind) said something about the show

All in the family.

Everyone in that family was conservative and liberal.

I mean, "My baby Tom does the max" (Oh Ben, you had .666-.775 batting average with me)!

I hope this isn't going to be an indicator of things to come in six months time.

I'd better pray hard and work hard.

And find other channels/options.

This gives me extreme leverage and if I find the right cast and skill and empower the crew ...

(Dearest Pamela ... )

And lots of love to the late Sheena and Jean.

And June will help us once again. Maybe she could leverage WordScope if that's still around.

Of course I could argue ...

but I will accept ...

because I'd rather be at peace than continue to cause others stress ...

and hurt myself at least as much or much more than I hurt others ...

and what I did is minor but not inconsequential.

Serious offences demand serious consequences.

I must have committed gaffes, minor and major. But fortunately many have committed worse gaffes and even survived serious manipulation.

I love her protecting both manipulators and the manipulable. I'm talking everyone from the narrowest definition of the Kanner and Asperger and regressive (Heller) both early and late onset to the broadest outlier who has a few comborbids which overshadow people. I don't know if I would agree. I have other fish to fry, so no skin off my nose.

If I am classic autistic in any way it would have shown in my development and that that development is static, permanently delayed, abnormal and deviant in whatever stable or fluctuating degree.

One can set an example in forgiveness and go too far only to find the person hasn't changed.

I'm so glad she didn't reject the possibility that I would have done so just out of time alone and natural development which she is always trying to cultivate.

And I'd much rather read than post with the new people.

Reading keeps me in touch. So be it.

And that as it may be.
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Taking rejection from one reality-based literary community with grace and aplomb

Merci beaucoup to the Sheperdess.

She took the decision that it would be wiser for me to re-register.

I am happy that people are being mentored to make it easier for them to be included.

And that Torey and Tinker have strict boundaries.

I will not reveal the bannable offences but they are in the rules and they have been there since March 2002 when they were codified and all members agreed to them.

I will continue to read Torey, respect her, respect the board, respect members, respect privacy and confidentiality, and respect all the values and attitudes which they represent.

This woman, since March 2000, has reshaped my academic and vocational goals.

The results speak for themselves.

I hope I may find willing helpers.

I did moderate a Polish and East European Community from 10/2001 to 4/2002.

This was probably one of the things which kept me steady and stablised. I established, initiated and maintained a culture of excellence and free speech and open enquiry. I was the only non-EE member to achieve this level of governance and I hope I created interest and did the right thing when I could be trusted to do same. There were periods, roughly every fortnight, but they did not rocket to 1995-99 levels. (my middle years and quarter-life crisis).

Maybe time to get back in touch with them, or approach individually.

I find it's better to cut the thrill of the chase and the cord of the institutionalised.

I was born in hospital but I have not spent time, nor did I receive treatment, which was more wisely augmented at home.

May this be ever thus.

May I achieve the same for whom I represent.
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Abstract: Project Dziecko - Warszawa 1985 - Athens 2004 - Hope in Accession - Unity in Diversity

Note, that the Polish for child is not yet dressed up.

The academic year has just ended here in the summer instead of the water.

The little fellow's progress is so uncertain. Look at him, putting out an arm.

Right now it is not so intentional.

But he is not so stupid. We can't give him the help he needs until we know what he needs.

We cannot give him the words or the tools until we understand.

This year it is easy. Next year it will be twenty years since.

In the middle of January and for the New Year we work every day.

We are separated both financially and emotionally.

In terms of the tone and colour: as of Mothers Day - six months before it all becomes overwhelming, we make care packages in Polish and English and any other linguistic experiences we bring to the table.

It has generally been the girl's experience - after reading Polish in the post-communist post-EU the principal author, the Trustee outsider and outlier - whose experience remained even after fifteen years transition.

Poor little girl, she is as bad as the boy. We think once we give her the language ...

She thinks, once she has the language ... (think colour piece, tone piece).

Please: everyone! Think up your contacts! Get them to break down to the essentials.

This is a new type of (mis?) (dysfunctionally applied?) (since when has dysfunction ever meant something. Just because he's too little yet to feel or learn, doesn't mean that he is not ready. When the student and the boy meet they both learn and all the years fall away. I want words - tone - colour - words that paint pictures and have strong visual and at least non-verbal level - try to imagine what it is to have never had experience in your native tongue and be expected to put it all together like an ordinary two and a half-year-old.)

Please give the little fellow a sense of what your world is like. Try very hard to go at his pace, and never ever force yours unless you can make it safe, healthy and fun. Poor little one - his family have forgotten what it is in their native language and culture.

Think of the protesters. Draw a picture in English words and try to label the environment. Imagine and pretend and use your imagination. Pick a young mother and pick good examples and as far as example amplify them. Pretend you are taking pictures with your camera. Write a - very short and practical - care guide. Write very explicitly for the new parents and the new boy what you realistically can hope to achieve the moment you enrol him.

It will be more like they are able to help him at home. Feel yourself in the mocassins of a transition economy. Recall the ruins and how Warszawa 1955 (or even 1945 or 1935) has changed and how it grew to Warszawa 2006. Think of it in the future, in 2085, if you will.

As Athens and Rome were not built in the day, so the phoenix had the benefit of time and hindsight. It has taken us a very long time for us to see Poland as a mature, hopeful, normal country the way we have taken normality in our reality based national and supranational community, not to mention the idealisation and devaluation. Get out ordinary people's images and perceptions of Poland then and now in words and pictures.

Polish native speakers: have you ever wanted to see another country, perhaps America, Europe or Australia and New Zealand. It does not have to be a first world country, though that is desirable here. Poles and Polish immigrants need to grow up everywhere, and they at the bare minimum need lots more scaffolding and lots more independence immediately they migrate. I mean less independence and more slowly developed. Slowly slowly slowly! We must move carefully delicately. You do realise that being in a new country is learning to be to do to talk to walk to sense to be to function not quite as you. You must realise that lots of migrants feel as if second rate. We want to reassure them that they are valued and welcome particularly in our diverse city.

It is in our interests to learn to see Poles as hardy, valuable, resillient, and be very prepared to learn from and be taught by them. Otherwise we are consumed by cliches. The real Warsaw (Warszawa) is not a city people know very well).

Graphic artists and other creative media people. By this time in three months time, on the next big Polish religious holiday.

Try at all times to focus on your city - in words and pictures - in the way a child would see it. Focus very carefully on his transitions - and notice difference, delay and deviance. Try to promote them as varieties of experience (especailly relevant with James - we can use relevant quotes from great authors who love and loved Poland - especially we who grew in the shadow of the Cold War.

Try to introduce him to the joys of the world. Be careful not to confuse and overwhelm him - or those who would be overwhelmed and confused with so little information. Now we are working very hard and we have done very very well. We can relax now - a very little - but not quite yet.

I want sensible, realistic, slow-paced, high-interest, high-scaffolding. We need the issues big and clear as in early reader books. I remember having written in my early migrant experience. So did the boy. We presented at the same time. He got the plaudits. I sat and did not rest my laurels. I think I was the only one that day in June - July 1995 who appreciated almost as fully as those who loved him for so long and though they did not help it in helping me sincerely and honestly they made me own and they made me acknowledge. Me, I had had but six months experience, and four years exposure, the vast majority was positive. Writing and speaking - and language and literature - was a safe place. We both realised the value of the library and of expanding our range of interests beyond the confined ones of institutions.

Now we need to work with bigger people and bigger institutions on many more complex levels. Let's not intimidate them. Let's scaffold them and initiate them and help them help us in the way we know and love best. Let's give an uncertain transition enough direction. Think of lots of crises. The early 1990s up to the Accession and Expansion was a time when Poland was able to feel safe within the European mainstream. But Poland too was reaching out and daring to meet Europe on its terms. Try and interpret with freedom, with emotion, with reason.

Eurovision is a happy and triumphant time. We have had it in Greece this year. I wish Poland would win Eurovision. Maybe Telewizia Polska will shine at this time. We know citizen journalism here there and everywhere is on an oily rag. Look at your voluntary magazine or your four-page/six-side-advertising spread/advertising catalogue. What draws your eyes, your heart, your mind? Are you closed (hermeutic) or open (empirical) to the possible, the imaginary, the symbolic, the real, the semiotic.

The girl is writing ecriture feminine. The ideal and the real are combined so brilliantly in Cold Chisel. How popular generally is Australian studies in Poland? We need to leverage the Polish tourism market and reach these affluent and highly educated people. We want your intelligence and we need your resillence. Make Aussies seem a bit laid-back and needing to learn a lesson from Polish individuals and Polish families. Think of general immigration programs. What do Poles rightly need and want from somewhere that is not Polish but will have to be home, perhaps under reduced or straitened circumstances, in the mainstream. Cold Chisel songs you can take inspiration from are: Khe Sahn (make the parallel about the brave Polish troops helping Britain, Australia and US, and we will never ever forget them. Kerry might have forgotten but we have forgiven and will continue to forgive and the Iraqis are so grateful. Imagine little Iraqi kids hugging and high-fiving a soldier. Think of the stories you know or have been told about war, and run it appropriately on every anniversary and celebration. This could be for the Jewish rising and the Warsaw Uprising). We can mark picnic week with well a picnic. This is the time to show the proud, dignified, functional work, rest and play of the Polish immigrant to his counterpart in Poland so he will see the truth or something more and less meditated by time and space. Remember to tackle the young people who have lived through. Generation Y and Millenials have social consciences, and in their political economy free-floaters. Use this as an asset.

Make a dramatic encounter. The girl meets the boy again after years and years of rejection. She is the one with the power - she was empowered all these years ago - and now she is at last obeying her natural impulses and inclinations after - nearly a decade, perhaps more than a decade. What matters is that they are together. Soon it will be Library Week, by this time next year we need all the Library and Information Students to make a display about economies and politics and transition. So it will not be quite so obvious to those who do not know us and our aims. At Careers Weeks in schools and universities and other post-secondary and adult education institutions.

Poles badly need to know that they are not alone in the world. And so especially do Polish immigrants need this special support. Show how the boy who we followed through eighteen or twenty-one years is a man. Do make us see so compellingly the boy in the man, how the adult grew from the child, as much as the child grew into the adult.

Are you up for the challenge!

The new trust urgently needs your skills and financial and in kind support.

Write about sport and football. What about the World Cup? What other major sporting events does Poland think global and act local? Be wide and discreet in your imaginings. Poles are not a dour intellectual people who study and work hard. Think of their liminal potential which is now for the first time since the first partition is way way up in the ascendant. These people are suspectible to advertising - we must show them that we are committed and we will never leave them alone again when we close the door to our hospitality and comfort temporarily. We are committed to skills, knowledge, values and attitudes which are transferable from the individual to the global, and we are increasingly concerned at a complacent retreat from the global.

Don't let the Year of Tolerance catch you unawares before it is a year - five years - too late.

Make every day a committment. A living committment. Go out there and love. Think of core values like caritas and accountability and transparency. Make the bullshit smell on the page. Make the pork barrellers ashamed as the triple bottom line bounces and refuses to take their calls, even when they donate half a million to the cause of Polish immigration. And no I am not thinking of any particular individual. This campaign will work best in varying concentraitons.

Always think of where people are and treat them as capable and assume competence and expect independence and encourage healthy dependence and support every effort towards in(ter?)dependence that we can think of. Life is not a race, it is more like a marathon, triathlon.

Look at big issues like domestic violence, abuse and neglect. Even the nice places hide a heart of darkness - let's expose those who are responsible and let's not name and shame but claim and reclaim and give their problems back. It's not the problem or solution; it's how you handle your shame and guilt even if it is not yours. You did not start this and you cannot fix it by yourself.

Onward and upward.

Let's be united by the diversity of multiple here and nows!

Poland has not yet perish and her friends in the world of major and middle powers will not let her die.

Poland will never perish as long as its immigrants find safety in passage and courage in their journey and love and support from other immigrants and the native and immigrant communities.

Let's do it! Let's get the show on the road.

I will be wanting more print specifications.

For now interpret this brief fairly widely. Be careful and discreet and generalistic rather than specialistic. Use tricks of windows, 2 and 3d. Maybe compared to Poland the new country might be somewhat flat. Lots of Poles do suffer trauma, anxiety and depression. We will help them or at least not ignore this. We can and will see a Polish child cry and find strength within ourselves and our communities - or make said strength - to hold his hand. It takes a lot of dignity and resillence to get to a point where we allow our vulnerability to be seen. We in a first world country really do not know what tolerance is. Let the Poles and their immigrants from all over the seven worlds and four corners teach us, and we will celebrate and graduate and thank everyone for the ultimate in successful transitions for political and social economy.

What do successful Polish immigrants we have followed through the years do with their academic, employment, vocational and avocational lives? Do they follow the promise, the potential, the dreams, the cares, the worries? Do they seem okay?

"Polish kids are all right. And they do fantastic out in the world!" is the main feel of this last section. Remember things can be captured in one sentence. The best feelings never have a sentence. Sometimes they are captured in the body. Remember the new migrant no matter how old he is is 100% body. Let us not forge and force the considerations. Do we want to pay psychiatric bills for our new citizens or do we want to support them in chosen and unchosen endeavours we are proud of? Let's repay the heroes' welcome we have given them and give support over the long term.

Then Warszawa 1985 and Melbourne 2006 will be united by the moment. And in six months time we will be so much more than fine, pace Andrew Lloyd Webber. Try to find songs and poems which capture the Polish experience. Some songs will be helpful more than others. Don't forget to use your friendly Polish-born English-medium educated librarian. He is there to serve you and be a capable steward. He is now the pilot and now he is lauched
. Think of vehicles of journeys, the journeys themselves and the diverse means. We can sell transport and communication tools. Remember what is concrete to us is abstract to them - by the same token what we have way past our childhood taken for granted could be the one tool he latches onto. At the same time emphasise in your copy - editorial and advertising and advetorial (which is the best of both worlds - how much I have learnt casually and incidentally!).

I think we will progress when we give Poles the same chance we give other emerging economies like Ireland and the Tigers of Asia and South America and Africa. They need our help. Let us be unstinting and allow them to help us help ourselves and themselves.

Amen, brother in Christ and sister in Christ.

Three hundred years of the May 3 legacy. Where are we now? Are we in Athens or is something rotten in the state of Denmark (Norway! Autisme Europe/WAO leverage!) that the Roman Empire and subsequent empire. Show the strength and co-operation of the European Union and NATO and the Commonwealth of Nations. Use things like the Common Agriculture Policy.

Stop glutting the Polish market. The Visegrad group can be trusted to know when it has enough!
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My tetralogy with a colloborator half a world away

You know, when my colloborator (and some of you know this person very well, as nearly as you know me, and often very much because of me, in either a very positive or a very negative way depending on where I myself am at the time).

If he agrees, then in a bookshelf and a library near you, there will be a fantasy tetralogy.

We can share the workload and make a contract on what we do best.

It will be a deeply poetic and mythic book with the best of Conrad and Lem on his side, and the Pope's poetry. I mean the late dead Pope, not Benedict as much as I now take inspiration from him too! And I think he might be a runner to Norwid, who is his namesake.

I am putting the book under my name and crediting him just because I do not wish to be particularly associated with Kama Sutra especially among the giggling teenagers who made and broke us both in unity over diversity, conformism over tolerance. I will not tolerate this at all. I'll say this right at the start. The book is under MY name and is MY idea. We will share the actual writing 100% and we will give our own parts 100% and try to integrate them with a third guy and poetic interludes.

It will be the Moonchild/Lake on the Moon chronicles.

This will be the culmination of so much. It will celebrate my feminine side and he will be put in a diplomatic - military - technical position.

It's as simple as that. He writes the poetry and I handle the philosophy. He takes the plot because he's really good at that and he can structure a story clearly with an eye on the big picture.

By 2012 when the 2007 kids have graduated and moved on, we can sell this Young Adult property, and it might well be a hot one.

I'll give you samples of our respective writing styles, especially his poetry and one particularly haunting piece of autobiographical writing which was so instrumental.

And then we'll toast our joys and raptures.

If only all resolutions were so easy and all revolutions were so bloodless.

Solidarnosc wasn't, but he knows all too well and too directly the cost what I only know theoretically.

We could colloborate on a non-fiction educational textbook about European and American and Asian studies, for uni students and work off the proceeds from Moonchild of the Lake.

It will be full of the Lake Poets from me.
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Overweening ambition? How do the mighty fall!

Actually, I'm very glad to put my ambition in the right quarters.

Naturally I want to grow where I'm planted.

What is the evangelical position on female ministers?

Something in me wants to be a clergyman's or deacon's wife of simple but rocklike faith and is willing to back up her views and feelings about God.

I want to be the 21st century's Simone Weil if I may be so bold?

We recently had a Vineyard Church planting. They might well need a female pastor and I am going to try to get an MA in theology in one of the most prestigious unis.

Everyone will think: "Here we go again".

And I thought of doing youth ministry work too as I remember my own youth ministers. Now that I look back on it I am strongly attracted to women and men of faith. I want to be of great faith too and I want to have a Spirit who fills me like Andrew Day and Cathy (and I think he might be an old friend of mine - like we go way back, like me and Sharynn Nelson) so I can work all day and all night for people without being tired.

It's also a great way of doing voluntary work without being tied to a particular or potentially abusive situation.

And you get taught morals and ethics.

I want to learn all about the philosophers and theologians. I want to read Aristotle and Aquinas and Augustine and all the Middle Ages people. I want to study Theatre Studies and come to the Centre for Ideas like it's my home, and the MSCP too. I want to learn about Hegel and Habermas and Durkheim and those guys. I won't be neglecting the Russells and the Wittgehnsteins either.

I want to learn about the history and philosophy of science so I can sharpen the saw and put an ethical perspective into my political and social economy so I can have clout with social services and vocational programmes when I put my innovative Churchill into practice. Some of the necessary overseas travel I will have already done through the Fellowship and if I do lots of interesting extra courses and get scholarships and other things like travel allowance.

I would love love love to teach at a Christian school or any religious school. I won't discount learning Hebrew, Greek, Sanskrit. I love learning languages that are no longer spoken. I would love to improve my Latin so I can enjoy pleasure reading some of our greatest foundational writers who have made Western civilisation what it was and still is and will be even when Rome fiddles, they still kept vernacular and popular literature alive. Now this is the canon.

And I would dearly love to study the women of Shakespeare and ecriture feminine and lots more French feminism as well as join feminist and religious clubs, and maybe even a Jungian club. I want to live life to the fullest and say Yes like Hugo, Rand and also Nietzsche, the grumpy bum of continental philosophy, taught me. I want to apply it to a way of life and a line of work or vocation - both in the religious and the secular sense.

I will so have the best of both worlds if I play my cards right. And I'll be following in a family tradition. Wait until next Sunday or thereabouts where Grandad comes. I think he'll be surprised and so pleased with the work and even more pleased that I have healed my literary, psychological and spiritual blocks, and especially that I believe in a loving God now, even though my theology is sparse, not overly sound, and full of prejudices and misconceptions, in particular the legacy of my Protestant/Calvinist outlook. Yep, I was a Calvinist in that I sort of believed in predestination and I so believe in the elect. Like it or not, they are, unlike the 'elite' or the 'chardonnay' socialist, they are the good people. If they use the power for good they can be role models.

I've had a chance through Andrew Denton - when I was a very little girl I got my first real ideas about World Series Debating from him - to see my musical and literary role models in a different light. I don't know how to love him speaks to a dilemna and my church will so be contemporary Christian and I will have a ministry and a very popular ministry. Word faith can go to pot. Move over Hillsong, and I will create a cottage ministry like Patrick Bronte's and raise literary and spiritual children from all over the world and they will be so diverse. Then I can be celibate and that is a very important thing. I hope the tenacious D and I get approval to adopt. I so want a bi-lateral agreement with Indonesia. I can well see myself being a minister over the Pacific, Indian and even in Antartica. I would have fun seeing God's creatures and it will teach me something about pain, power and endurance. Even though my Uncle Kevin is not religous, he is argumentative (now I see where I get it from - too much identification with the powerful male role models I have experienced in my family and elsewhere. All the good guys I know are pastors or ministers, so it makes sense to align myself with their position) and he must have had some kind of a spiritual experience. At least I'll imagine so. I'll ask him if it was in fact so, and if he can tell me more about it. Then I can preach about Antarctica and the Artic. I think faith is like an icecube with a hole in it - if you don't freeze it in aspic (that is probably the fly in the amber ointment - great metaphor).

And if I have an MA or even a big PhD I can make myself useful. I could write my dissertation about necessary conditions of faith and how women are treated in different religions.
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Specific remarks on intolerance

I think intolerance is but a season.

So I would mark it +.25 or +.30

If intolerance is more pervasive I would mark it +.70 or +.90

Characteristics are +.35 - +65 either way, if they are ordinary ones on a 1/100 scale, with that sort of fineness.

Then 3.1 tolerance average.

Well done form!

One of the others must have been 2.8 and the other 2.5

The higher figure was for slower learners and the lower for gifted ones.

On the other measures we were so close.

Probably an estimate which tells whose mates are with whom!

I could never mark it less than .025 or more than .100 because I know the world does not work like that.

Thank you for the gift of outliers.

And may I once more master maths and use it for good!
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A memory game you might never seen or heard before

Back in February 1995, my friend H. G. (dear dear girl, studied to be a pilot) and her three years younger sister (splendid poet) would play games with me.

They knew I had a good memory standing back some years.

Without presaging the events that would happen roughly six-eight weeks later, they were very good at putting a date in perspective.

You too can play this game.

If you are on LJ or blogger play the game as you would in real life.

Mention a date which is important to the majority of people you know (mostly a friend group or acquaintances or peer support groups where older students share with the younger or new people on a basis new).

If it is a school group mention the first day of term.

"September 18 1995".

Obviously different people will have a different first impression.

Put different views of this same date. Talk about how memories are similar and different.

If memories are shared by lots of people are noted, then also note very few memories.

Get them to flesh out



(both models are applicable to Procrustrian bed or when did you stop picking on K as we used to call it, when many of us would screw up particular dates. Some would say 1995, some would say 1996, some would say 1998 and others would give a date much much nearer the present).

Then split the group into two.

Give them a date - perhaps one at the end of term and the other at the beginning.

This works very well with a competitive group.

One group works backward and the other forward through the term.

You can choose whether to include weekends.

You can put constraints on the game like no Mondays or no Wednesdays.

You can show people how memories cluster around routines, and some memories are more vivid than others because of the details we remember. You can show two similar memory contents but point out the differences in form.

If you have someone with acute or chronic PTSD do not pick them until they are stablised or unless they are in a very friendly group where there was a significant prodromal relationship. Certain high-status class members can most certainly draw out more than a comparative low-status member even about the same memory. Thus SC the boy could draw from our five years together when we were very very good friends, but the girl SC had only a few months, and those were all - but our second - third week together - were very traumatic weeks.

Thus the girl has 7-21 Feb 1995 to work with whereas Scott has February 21 1990 onwards until 1996 and perhaps a very little bit of 1997.

None of them would be allowed to use March 1 1997 because other people are the keepers and witnesses of that particular memory flame.

It is good to introduce the concept of a memory flame, to show how some burn in the house of the mind. Let's pretend that each week is a room with seven candles, and a term is ten to twelve rooms. One can more easily see how memories change.

Then we can introduce the idea of a visitor, to show how we dress up our memories. Our memories will be different if we tell them to our mother to our best friend to our cousin.

So instead of asking the highly stressful What do you remember from May 1 to June 30 1995, Mam'selle? you ask tell me about the rooms in your house and how you decorated them for your aunt. I may just then be able to recall all the times my aunt visited me and this will be an inital scaffold. You can then add my oldest uncle, my younger uncle, my cousins (separate cousins, please!).

You might even like to have a different colour based on the favourite colour or the least favourite colour or even just a colour to remember the person. Take the dorm girls. This is fairly time limited. I can have a colour for Natalie, a colour for Bernadette, a colour for Amy, a colour for Jodie and a colour for Melanie.

When we want to remember, we can light the candle. And when we forget, we can pretend the candle is out. We can talk about the different reasons candles may be out.

It does matter a lot whether the rememberer prompts the memory or gives it herself. If we want her to give it herself we can make a brighter globe like a hundred-watt globe. A brighter globe represents a happier memory, a duller globe a sad one. Some memories make us go outside our comfort zone, so we might want to use a torch.

1730 April 6 1995 may be a torch memory.

At least prompt for a when, a where and a who, and maybe a what.

Do not establish a why or how, and especially do not ask a leading question, until you have built about four weeks either way, like from the beginning of March. And do not press for a gap if the person indicates one. You can set a number of prompts, like three or five or ten, or you can use prompts below a certain intrusion threshold.

An intrusion threshold is like a seizure threshold in a neurological disorder. This game should not be played with those who dissociate unless the other players are in group therapy and the gamemaster is a trained professional.

People who confabulate or have relatively associative memories compared to logical ones, so do not really have a sense of themselves in time. Be careful when someone reports a memory that has not themselves, or has a different sense of self (one can tell this by really knowing the person on more than a superficial level). For example, my friends Michael and Scott would notice a kind of spacey quality, a more passive, less involved quality than the memories I shared with them compared to the ones they actually witnessed with me.

Make sure that the gameplayer can adequately separate common qualities. The whole form may have to be educated on what counts as a memory in this game and how they may be different. They might be studying traumatic memories or how phobias get started. This gives a trusted friend a cue, so that they can remove the person from a situation like the one that triggered them so very badly. Like, nearly every class interruption or every third one over a few weeks in the second term, and less so in the third term.

This is a good game to play from September - January, January - March, March - May.

Of course follow your school and university dates.

Ask the person to see herself in her friends' shoes. She can use the memories of a trusted and popular friend to scaffold her. I could remember far more easily if it was a friend or a character in the story whether one I wrote myself.

The person being asked should be encouraged to be polite and thoughtful to all reasonable and legitimate queries in the game, and be encouraged as far as possible and appropriate to transfer the rules of the game in the world. Thus memories rehearsed in the game may eventually be less menancing in the real world.

You can play with one date much like 20 questions and narrow things down to morning, afternoon, evening, night.

Or even day to night for the youngest students.

You can ask about season, quarter, month, week, day, hour, minute.

Those people with fairly accurate minute-to-minute memories probably did not process that event very well.

This is so for me, on one particular day. There are probably 30/365 days.

This game could be particularly good - and particularly cruel - when presence or absence in an event, as participant, observer or witness.

If the person cannot or will not play choose another person who has a fairly good memory and is able to play along with a sense of humour.

If the game is played with humour, imagination, tolerance; it will create lots of beautiful shared memories and we might be able to remember our school years as happier or less miserable than we do.

Ideally start on the first day of term at 9:00.

See if the person can narrow down a specific time: "in my chair"

a specific place: "9:15"

a thing they were doing: "brushing my hair"

a thing a close classmate was doing:

a thing the teacher was doing:

the decor of class (this is great on first days and new terms especially):

If the first day hasn't happened yet, either wait until the second day, until everyone has settled in, or ask about a major even in the holidays.

Do not do this during a moveable feast, but a highly memorable feast which is especially relevant to children and teenagers.

If possible play the game against students and teachers, and award prizes for the most detailed memory and the most interestingly told memory.

You can also write or draw the memory if speaking it is too confronting. This is especially good for the writers and artists in the form. You might well get a Proust or Joycean quality to some of it.

"What did you have for lunch last Friday"? a friend might well ask me in the game.

"Salad, chicken and a muffin". (that is probably almost right).

"What food was your least favourite?"

"The chicken." I would then answer.

"What didn't you like about the chicken?"

"That it was off". I would say

"How exactly was it off? How did it smell, taste, touch?"

(senses are especially good with food and basic needs).

You might ask the questions to specifically lead to a basic need, like food or shelter.

It might well help someone transition from a digital or analogue talk.

(looks quite innocent: especially when most clocks are on BST and one is on CET which freaks on the bad days, especially when the bad days are sunny).

The date we are thinking of will be:

May 23 1995.

Some of us get up very groggy particularly if on the weekend or on Monday we have had little sleep, and if at crucial daybreaks we have not got rest, either by ourselves or with our friends.

"What was most important/special about this day?" we would ask if the date was the object.

As if it were the only object!

The object is to isolate a specific shared memory.

In general, I might have two things in mind.

I might well say The Eurovision Song Contest.

We consider correct any deviation +3/-3 days.

For those with acute PTSD without dissociation +7/-7 either way

For those with chronic PTSD add each month for a non-abusive situation
six weeks for an intermittently abusive situation
six more weeks for each new abuse
three weeks for a successful recovery
ten days for a semi-successful/semi-failure/bittersweet recovery
ten days for an old abuse which is three to six months old
twenty days for an old abuse which is older than six months but younger than nine months.
keep adding six weeks for every three months
and twelve for every six weeks prior.
You should then be able to work out the Swiss holes of 1995 to 2006 fairly well, especially the peaks, valleys and troughs.
I have less memories overall of 1995-98 and less emotionally charged memories than of the three years since.

Rate the memories out of 10 for lots of criteria.

Distress tolerance
Distress estimate
(Remember that what a 7 may be to a chronic PTSD survivor may be 4 or 10 to you who does not know the conditon, depending on the situation. We can rate a triggered memory +1.5 for 3 months after, +2.5 for 6 months +3.0 (the maximum for a school year then multiply for estimated school years lost).

We can have an estimate for fresh and triggered memories.

We must have a central hook.

Lots of people are not fortunate enough to have a central hook. The events around that hook are like the rocky beach known as Christopher Columbus.

Let us make a baseline judgement of 1 for a good memory, 5 for a moderate memory and 10 for a memory.

Add triggers.

April 6 1995: 8+1.5(7/1995)+2.5(10/1995)+2.5(1/1996)+5(4/1996 - we add the average perhaps minus the original)-3(7/1996)

What if there are intervening events? What if there are anniversary reactions within the ensuing three months?

The first three years of a trauma are especially vulnerable in terms of processing and educational costs.

Let us assume that a chronic PTSD sufferer loses a year for every four years of her educational level.

Even though she might be a B.A, MA or PhD she may really have only a four-year-education. This is the education she can reasonably have said to have without disability. That doesn't mean the other eight years were lost years.

So we might like to add gains and significant growths, which means minusing the cumulative effect in our calculation of the retrospective effect to get a more rounded picture of the years of disability.

We can think.

And also many subjects are more triggering than others.

Someone with eight years of disability in the sixth form going into university may only have a first-class level of mathematics, even if prodrominally she was top of her form.

We can assume the more traumatised she has been the less motivated she may be to keep her place in the form.

So if she was second in the second group for maths, she may drop down a group every three months, until she barely saves bottom of the sixth form. She may well be above the top group of fifth formers, which makes her difficult to teach.

Often a whole form suffers trauma. A more popular student may be more likely to take the class down sympathetically, whereas a less popular member may well drag the class down too. In that case, we all suffer compared to the class.

We have four classes, or technically six, if we pretend that the composites are straight forms.

We would weight differently the junior, middle and senior school.

We would assume the younger students are affected by the absence of role models, the middle school would revolt, and the form immediately below would be most immediately affected. In a composite third/forth, this would be the upper second who are working towards third level.

We can assume a positive, neutral or negative grade for grading.

One grading period is mild PTSD or adjustment disorder and cause for concern.

Over four, five, six months would be VERY variable. She could slip back or she could move forward. If after 5 1/2 months she does not seem to be moving forward (so by September) you would proably not mark her quite as hard.

The grading standard is the nearest prodromal three months or six months.

So by May 1995 you would want to be looking at November 1994.

Yeah, right.

Try to look at the same period in the grading period, and then compensate for the gap.

Look for a traumatic event of similar standard (say above a 7) in her past three years.

For me that is May 1992 when my grandmother died.

A traumatic event of similar time and standing is April 5 1993.

This is the "senior" form in the composite, so it is fair. Make allowances for the difference in standard between a straight form and a composite. If she remains roughly in the top group then the equation is here.

adjusted grade = (traumatic event) + (degree of trauma) + (place in form) - (adjustment positive/neutral over time) + (general mark for subject/prodromal).

At Lycee/Collegiat Eternal Flame, Huntingdon (real name and LEA redacted/substituted)
C= 4

top quartile=4
second quartile=3
third quartile (average)=2
fourth quartile=1
bottom quartile=0

Make sure you add everyone affected in the same group and compare them to their prodromal selves, as well as get a snapshot during the trauma (a week or two before after a succificent break).
Do this for each mark in the Semester award.

Prodromal: December 1993
Traumatic event: April 27 1995 (standard dev - January 27 - July 27 1995)/(more severe January 24 1994 - November 1994 for 1994 end of year)
In this case the traumatic event we are measuring here is the effect of returning to school after 3 days holiday due to the break. Absences earlier in the year are more deletrious.

Add days absent in the week after, the month after, three months after and six months/five-and-a-half absent

Adjust due to cause of absence and whether approved or expected for that degree of severity. We want to keep the adjusted as 0-1.5 whenever we can in a case of mild trauma 2-2.5 in moderate. Severe trauma will generally be no more than 3.5-5 minus three for assessment and one for ordinary month. In general, give a point per month, and use April, June, September and November as assessment months in which we might add the degree of moderate stress. Extended absence during an assessment but not suspected BECAUSE of assessment (which is doubtful in this case as she has a history of psychosomatic illness) is worth three months plus point level.

Semester adjusted: June 1995
(of course there is the current vs retrospective factor)

We can call:

Established (level)/(adjusted level for years of disability in previous and current placement).75
Consolidating (level)/(adjusted level for disability years in prev and current).50
Beginning (level)/(adjusted).25

The prodromal level was 5. This young woman was often working at 5.75 and even 6.0 and 7.0 work. This is above the grade point average for the form and should of course be weighted as such. Anything above 8.0 is first year uni, 9.0 second year, 10.00 third year, 12.50 graduate student, 15.00 postgraduate. The maximum for years of education without adjustment would be 20.00, but because of degree of disability can be only 16.00 (standard dev 1.5-4.5). Add .50 per semester and .25 per quarter, and .085 per week. Deduct for "mental health days" but add when productive or constructive activity engaged in per hour. An hour's psychoanalysis is equal to learning, as is a horseback ride or relaxing activity. Grade higher when not comicontant and engaged in consistently (4), usually (3), sometimes (2) beginning to (1). An example of a beginning to activity would be baseball and a consistently activity would be listening to music. Add or deduct appropriately for before, after or during illness, and adjudge the trauma. Usually the first three months of assessment will be about anticipating, vigilance, watching one's back.

Grade double for intrusive thoughts which specifically interfere with learning, +1.75 for thoughts generally, +1.50 for distractibility (-1.50 for freedom thereof and -0.50 for relatively intact inability to concentrate). Call 0.5 relatively unimpaired and 3.5 severely impaired on a 4.0 scale of degree. Hypervigilance and avoidance may be more difficult to score. Adaptive should be +, reactive should be -, essentially unimpaired or mildly-moderately unimpairing to learning or major life activity related to learning should be 0

Higher academic expectations after intolerance, abuse and neglect will most probably call worsening.

If the worsening is down to 2 and 1 then we can recommend a three month permanent and temporary break. In general this should be nine months break in case of any severe trauma, and her work at home should be adjusted according to her years of disability but when well, can be pushed up to the next .25-. A good rule of thumb is 3.5 GPA for mild trauma, 2.5 for moderate (2.0 for the average student - adjust to 1.5-2.0 below depending on assessment or ordinary) and 1.5 for severe. This is of course below the prodromal not below the normal student if the student is still above.

We begin at 0 for the first year of schooling
0.25 for the first quarter, 0.75 for the third quarter
0.5 for half term or semester break (+0.5 for after trauma, -0.5 before it, 0 no significant difference/debility)
1 for the year finished
and add 1 plus degree of disability plus or minus
until we go up to the student's prodromal level.

Let's save a draft and show you how this system works using my Semester Report.

I will use academic subjects only.

I will pick one severely affected subject, one moderately affected subject and one mildly/unimpaired subject.

Remember 5.5 is the level and we subtract the GPA to adjust for degree of trauma.

The GPA subtraction here is 2.5.

Thank goodness we have Excel.

And this is a simple tripariate equation with one unknown.

This is algebra. I began to learn algebra in 8.0, but we were taught ahead as early as 5.5/6.5

Probably adjust +3.25/+3.75 to allow for important semester exams and concepts tested and directly affected.

We decide directly/indirectly by the proximity relative to the week. Thus if the trauma happened on Monday and the assessment to be adjusted happened ten days hence on the Friday we would adjust for the maximum allowable for the assessment time in total. The shorter the time, the more directly affected with 0 or +0.165 for Monday and so on up until 1.0 for the next week and then add accordingly till the one/three month average/ratio.

Could an actuary type do this. I'll put in the averages and a very pretty graph. I will remember assessments and daily activities. Some days are going to impact. I expect a steady decline from April to May, a levelling in June, slight rises in June and September assessments to an otherwise flat line, relatively severely debilitated in October, a slight rise but not approaching prodromals, and way below prodromals and severely impaired compared to what would have been normal.

Of course it would be great to pretend that April 6 had not happened. Then in that case the Maths is easy (easier)!

Cite: Dupont, Adelaide (2006) An experimental system for measurement of kind and degree of traumatic effect on education in a fifth/sixth-form composite with first-quarter assessment onset and regression characteristic of low recovery rate from moderate-severe trauma: A single-case with prodromal and onset controls and adjusted grade point average on a 4.0 plus-minus-neutral scale over 12 assessment periods during three years.
When did you stop bystanding while a refugee on a humanitarian visa was beaten? Oh, three years ago, didn't notice after six months, as kept dissociating to stay mentally out of the class during five/six month crucial period.

If nothing else, this will teach people not to muck around with grades and be fair and be kind and don't expect people to do things like academic work.

When this study is done we get to predict 1997, 2000, 2002 and 2005 levels.

Of course, use the 2005 levels for accomodation, or if you really want severe then 1997 and 2002 as these were transitional periods. Of course every two and a half years is a transitional, that is a given (standard dev: 13-22 months adjusted degree).

In that case, Dupont, in press (2007?) Prodromal, traumatic and post-traumatic onset transitions compared: rate of recovery examined.

We should have a continuum for reason and a code like HIB for Human Intentional Betrayal.

There are four types of betrayals to me: intentional, intimidating, motivated, semi-motivated/equivocal, unmotivated. Each live on a continuum of predictablity, expectability and duration, intensity and frequency with very often being 3 and not much more than normal being 0.5-0.

The most severe schoolyard bullying would be both intentional and intimidating. Of course bullying is not betrayal and betrayal not bullying. Remember: greater have no love than for his friends.

So there have been 0-4 betrayals along the line. We can say 1 betrayal happened every 2 weeks which is 0.5/3 = 0.25/6 (figure in months). In assessment months especially near the end, the betrayal rate increased to as frequently as 2/3 days which did level out. The fraction is now in terms of the week/10 day/fortnight (severe/moderate/mild where unimpaired = three and a half weeks - month. In a non-traumatic situation among normal adolesence I estimate a major Human Intentional happens about once a month and a minor might happen less than every three months. But wouldn't minor act more frequently? Trauma mucks the standard betrayal pattern up! And the effect is like 1.5-2.5 times greater than ordinary stress with comicontant point on grade point average).

Then we must measure in terms of relationship. Your best friend or close family member would be 4, a stranger would be 0. If the stranger smiles and waves 0.5, if the stranger talks to you 1, if they talk superficially 1.5, if they talk sometimes superficially and sometimes meaningfully (your average classmate) 2, your slightly above average friend on the fringes of a moderately valued group would be 2.5, your highly valued sociometrically friend but moderately valued personally 3, your more highly valued personal friend than sociometrically valued friend (that is the personal relationship is the priority over social status) is 3.5. If you have 4.0 friends add 0.5 for each year, 0.25 for semester (0.30, 0.66, 0.90 for trimester/fortnight/week/significant/crucial period weighed and adjusted).

Adjust for prodromal, onset and post-traumatic assessment level (first 3 months, and second 3 months after onset - ideally the prodromal is between three months and a year). I would expect the trust level among the class as a whole to decline 1.5 between 0.5-1 people, 2.5 among 1-2 people, 3.5 among 3-4 people and 4 and over depending on value of personal/sociometric ratio over time.

In other words people can be more or less friends, but trauma changes relationships. I would characterise a superficial change as 0.5 both on the personal and sociometric.

Trauma changes personal relationships fundamentally and this may lead into a rip for the sociometric fabric around the devalidated person. The person who suffers may have her friends rally around her if she is above 2 but she will not be guaranteed this much below 0.5 - 1 personally and below 2 sociometrically to more than half the high- and medium- status classmates.

I think I would have been at least 2.5 to more than half my classmates, and that I declined to 1.5 to less than half of them, at least among my own classmates. I would have stayed at 0 or 0.5 among the student who had no prodromal sociometric or personal connection either to me or to the direct victim. Remember I was bystander which does not shift.

Bully/position of power: 4
Tolerant bully: 3.5
Pressured bully: 3.0
Tolerant bystander: 2.5
Innocent/average bystander/uninvolved: 2.0
Oblivious bystander: 1.5
Oblivious/uninvolved/accidental victim: 1.0
Motivated/targeted victim: 0.5
Deliberately attacked victim: 0
Persistently attacked victim: -1 then subtract for length and intensity.
Start to codify acts over time.

Mild verbal, physical bullying gets 0.5 either way
Add sociometric score (among friends, strangers) and adjust for personal score if more than 0.5-1 either way (st dv 0.5-3.5, ignoring outliers, which is -1 and +4.5-+5, ignoring number of years and focusing on current - which is to say prodromal, traumatic and trauma assessment)

Then mix up the demographics, draw quartiles and measure by sociometric and personal connection.

The most popular person will generally be the school captain. House captains get 3.5, vice-captains get 3.0, popular students with specific responsibility get 2.5, moderately/averagely popular students get it 2.0, mildly unpopular students get 1.5, moderately unpopular 1.0, people picked on by most of the form 0.5, people who are laughing stocks 0.

I know there are a lot of people fifteen years later, who, when we talk, would put the person as way below zero, like a frigid morning. A normal student's life is spring melting into summer. We can use the "seasons" metaphor for both personal and sociometric coding.

April 6 was my long dark winter. However, I had this status relatively temporarily. I had no appreciable change in personal relationships, indeed they might have rosen as much as +0.5-+1.0 - when I did not play the martyr. Because the person was below 1.0-1.5 and had been so for the five years most of us had known him - when we knew enough to grade above or below 2 more than 0.5 either way.

I trust after a decade's insight and half a decade's therapy (yes, at the same time, for five years, and who knows, therapy might have improved my personal likeability after nine months and might well have lasted for five years. I was always 2.5 at uni, and sometimes even 3. I think SRC rep counts as house captain or form captain. I shared the position twice in higher years so that would be 3.5 with my co-rep! I don't know that there were houses, but I suppose within the dorm/college/friendship group).

I will measure my core friendship group first, and then my acquaintances.

I think I had more than 2.0-2.5 status sociometrically and had 4 status among at least 2 people. So at the start, did our victim. But this declined year-on-year whereas my stock was always far more fluctuating but it had a general upward trend except when I really stuffed up. I spent a really bad time with 0.5-1.0 status but I never never got beyond 0.5 and I do not think I could have maintained 3.0-3.5 status among most of the form - well my own form regardless.

But April 6 was about absence as betrayal. We both lost two of our friends so we were on the same footing. However I was there and my suffering made visceral reverberations through those who really cared about me and did so in spurts for the rest of the year. Things did settle down between six and eight months post-onset, then things would have fallen way down for the first anniversary when he might have got more picked on, especially among the younger form members and the less mature - and those who still held rancour - ironically enough neutral people got in. I will have to ask my vice-headmistress who I love dearly and had a big 3.5 relationship which was the same, and might have risen to 4.0 personally. I knew her for 5.5 years by that stage, so 9 is for her. And by the way teachers and adminstrators work on the same system. What I hate hate hate about this is that it was a toxic dynamic and ruined and divided us all. I did not want to lose my friends, most 2.5s and 3.5s were thinking more like 0.5s and 1s, we got shot down 1.5-2.5 depending on how we were. I, prodromally a 3.5, functioned mostly among the 0.5, having neutrally cold detente with everyone tending to devalue those closer and idealise those who could rise above our shit - my shit and some others directly involved took matters far further ...

I will now plot our respective sociometrics, I will do so without bias for EVERYBODY, starting with my best friends. They all might disagree, I will cross-mark with those who remember which is probably my immediate friendship group. There are 31 of us, 16 above 2.0 and 15 below 2.0 in our own forms. Composites are really different among friendship groups. The smaller the group than a form group the more we all tend to stick together. Friends in high places, so if you were in Mme W or M C's form and you were friends with a school/house/form captain - anyone above 2.0 - you had automatic lustre which preceded your reputation. You were a 2.0+ regardless of what we thought/knew about you even through your connection to one of us.

I will chart who I was in class with for so long. First year gets one point and so on to our current level. This is a bit complicated seeing as the female house captain was my second best friend +5yrs but we had a bad patch (during the prodromal) and our relationship was a bit down to 1.5 on my side and probably 3.5 on hers. So it all cancels out.

Friendship and classmateship, like family works both ways.

A super-functional class family where everyone is good mates and there are only 1.5 sorts of people on the outliers. The earliest average year of entry was 1991, and the student did not come to my notice until November 1994, which was nearly 6 months ago. You get the teacher's sociometric if you do not personally know the person. In my case, when I first knew him he was good to go at +2.5 simply because I liked the teacher he had and respected. In contrast the year before, just going on teacher and not on mutual mates, it might have been +0.5.

During my worst period of stress I would only allow people above +2.5 to say his name, sociometrically, and personal relationships not above 3 years (which is to say who had known me all my school life and him only a year, relatively or at best more than 6-18 months). Three years makes such a big difference, and that must have been our spread prodromal. Trauma wise it might have been as much as seven-eight years for us all to have made up. Some did it sooner, some later, some were badly affected - I was not so badly affected, so refusing to maintain even a 1.5 relationship saved face among 3.5-4.0 sociometrics and 1.5-2.5 personal relationship. I most certainly was not intimate to discourse. Had I but learnt I would have got up to 3.5 personally and my 3.5 sociometrically would have dragged him up to at least a 2.0-2.5 if I was otherwise highly valued and what people wanted in a moderately-high-status friend. Probably boyfriends and girlfriends drag up the matters but probably not by much more than 2.0 either way or 1.0 if they are a friend simultaneously, 0.5 if you break up during the year, 0.25 during the semester, 0.16/0.8 during the fortnight/week and 0 before that. And the 1 rule for however long you stay together.

My current boyfriend was probably 24.00. This is where we take in years and levels of education as well as personal and sociometric intimacy. The Tenacious D is way beyond that. If he finds out I have done this, I am so going to have to tell the story much more fully than you mostly 1.5-3.0 and some 3.5-4.0s. The pub anyone? Take Jan K S for a drink?

We had 3 6th forms as I said. I will go through them first as well as the members of the 5th we were close to. We were Upper or Lower Fifth. We were generally supposed to be the most mature sixth formers. Perhaps a good hard look at us retrospectively will reveal otherwise. We tried our best, but we did not meet the criteria when it came to the crunch. It would have been stretching credulity to have much of a 2.5 among most form members at best and 1.5 outside your form, with 0.5 other way for other classes. Everyone had their own friends and sociograms would only ocassionally coincide. And of course this all changed when we were at uni.

Right: closest women friends first.

MEK: Strong, stable, first best friend since 1992-3. Our relationship grew steadily and remained unchanged at 4.0 at a low of 2.5 at the best, this was shortly after she wanted to make some new friends who within two years post the danger zone (nine months school year times two or sometimes three or even four) became 3.5-4.0 friends with a decline to 2.5 among the ancillary group.

LMVDZ: Sociometetric 4.0 (one of 2 4.0), personal steady at 3.5 prodromal, 3.0 within onset, and fluctates at 2.5 at both 3 and 12 month mark. She is for all personal purposes equal to MEK. Those two are first among equals.

I was an outlier in the MEK LMVDZ metric. It was a solid best friendship, if my stocks had fallen below 1.0 I would have felt the third wheel and been perceived so much. So averaged out 1.5 deviation/connection. Fuzzy strong green line.

Friends are green, neutrals are yellow, acquaintances orange, and enemies/victims red. Hated is dark red.

I think there are only 2 hated out of each form and we didn't really hate them that much! We had no time to hate, only to work, rest and play. Remember we took in the Year of Indigenous People, the year of the Family, the year of Tolerance.

I would like to thank G Russ of Scottish Country Dancing fame for teaching me to draw a sociogram. She must have wondered how soon the literature students would have added it in their brains.

As soon as I start from the bottom and work out where our friends and networks lie. They are only measured in terms of me, I may make a +0.5 fluctuation per 3/12 (1/4 a term!)

And H G and S G were so easily 2.5s if not 3.0s depending on what you mean by recipriocal.

When I was younger I was inordinately proud of being intelligent. I would have taken off 0.25 either way for intelligence score. Let's pretend that 100 is 0 and maybe 130 is 4, with 115 being 2. And 85 being below the scale therefore not my time. Reminds me of that Einstein joke.

Horridly horridly sick.

Remember a dot and a circle is one person's opinion only. I am not the most aware of dynamics out there and I may well have got things wrong. But it will be essentially true to my perceptions. I think our victim would be fourth bottom out of 15. Ideally, there ought to be 2 in each 0.5 group and there will be clusters within quartiles.

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