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duponthumanite's Journal

Bienvenue and welcome to Dupont Humanite
16 September

Comment-allez vous? Merci beaucoup ...

In a time not that long ago, perhaps the early 1990s (we won't go any further than that) there was a girl. She had a rotten short-term memory (a MRI would support this) and was somewhat averse to writing her experiences where any teacher or psychologist would see. She also wanted to make friends all over the world, so she decided to be a professional writer as the most expedient way of achieving her goals. Some six months after she became a professional writer, she started developing intrusive thoughts, hypervigilance (bordering on delusions of reference, and even paranoia; until she read Tim Field and learnt better in 2004) and avoidance. She also suffered betrayal trauma, and forgot that she had many people who love her dearly as a person and respect her for what she has achieved. Thus she began to treat them very badly, particularly when ill or irritable. She always had something of a precarious hold on what we call consensus reality.

Formerly of Aix-en-Provence, Bouches-de-Rhone, France, she has now lived in the English-speaking world longer than some people have had hot dinners. She is now a cultural ambassador, though illness precluded her from tempting fate with the Diplomatic Corps. She is a keen student of Slavonic studies, which is the legacy. She continues to lecture and teach lessons to many children and their significant others. Since 1998 she has been in a long-term stable relationship, but she is not married and has no children. She has written over 50 books of novels, stories, plays, memoir and autobiography. She is a secular humanist and liberal feminist ... a 'true Geopolitical Woman'.

Come in and judge thus.